The HSEF was founded in 2005 when a group of passionate residents and the Town of Mammoth Lakes had the vision of exploring geothermal district heating.


Rick Phelps, who had an extensive career in the energy and energy efficiency arenas, joined as the founding Executive Director. The California Energy Commission funded a Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program report about the project’s viability.

Unfortunately, with the economic downturn, the timing wasn’t right for a progressive project and the project didn’t proceed, but the Foundation changed course and the focus then turned to promoting energy efficiency in our remote region. Over the years, HSEF has performed outreach for many statewide campaigns such as Flex Your Power, Energy Upgrade California and CHEEF Residential Energy Efficiency Loans.

 All California rate payers served by Investor Owned Utilities, such as SCE, PG&E, SDG&E and SCG, pay into a public goods charge fund for energy efficiency programs. LADWP, although not mandated by the CPUC, also has programs dedicated to energy efficiency and ensuring ratepayers receive education and incentives that promote saving energy.




Pam Bold

Executive Director


Lia Webb

Green Business Program Coordinator




Robert Creasy
Chairperson; RDC Architects

Naomi Garcia
Finance, Team Engineering and Management

Rick Phelps
Former Executive Director
Professor at Oregon State University

Martin Kleinbard
Owner, Mammoth Sierra Electric

Don Condon
Former Employee of the City of SF
Citizen’s Climate Lobby, EV Association

Pam Bold
Board Secretary